To survive…

thoughts of a phonic phoenix

To survive everyday
Is to live a corpse,
To have wings
Clenched by thoughts
You fail to soar
Like the eagle you should.

To prevent life
From drowning you,
Fill your lungs
With bliss, that
You pespire angst
Like tremor it hurts the universe.

To lay down at night
Burdened with reflections,
So you move about
Captain hook the conquered
And the croc as your worries.
Your body wears out
For your mind weighs a ton
For your core is void of peace.

So it reigns stormy clouds,
The sun in you eclipsed.
It’s like you’re a pen
Carrying water for ink
With every scribble
In ruins is the sheet.

You feel like a deaf mute
With a passion for music
But you can neither hear
Nor can you mutter a note.

So when it pours,
The clouds wailing
In empathy,
Showering earth with her gift
Till the sun shines

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