When you wake up
To the cock crow
And the marrow is dewed
With blessings
Of dawn
– e ke Hallelujah

When the eyes of Heaven
A lifetime of Grace
And the morning sun beams
Ten thousand rays
Of hope
Diminishing your life’s fears
In your endless romance
With Peace.
– e ke Hallelujah

I’m just a Vassal of humanity
Oft I’ve done contrary to His words
Harboring dark thoughts
But in this putrid state
There is forgiveness In thee
With plenteous redemption

When the birds run
High across the sky
Singing songs of freedom
Cursing you to smile
All the days of your life
He has given you
Another chance to live…
To make things right…
To fulfill your purpose…
Give praise unto Jehovah for life!

Written by: Stanley Princewill McDaniels

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  1. Bada, Yusuf Amoo

     /  July 18, 2014

    Full of faith, nicely written



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