Diagnosis shows leukemia
Oops! That’s a killer
How long do I count?
Or will I a cure get?

No, not a cure
Just transfusion
To keep you going

O- is my blood group
SC my genotype
Who’ll be my donor?
I don’t just know!

That’s a difficult one!
There’s no match here
Go find a donor please!

Up the hill
And down the vale
O- SC I chant
I need 3 pints.

Here’s a match!
Please I’ll give anything
Just 3 pints!

No! Not even a drop
What if the doc flops?
What ‘ll be my say?
Fallen like the hay?

What a mystery!
Left with my cross
Will I cross-over soon?

“No you won’t for grace”
What a calm utterance
Who is this pope?
Is this false hope?

I am no pope,
In hopelessness I am the hope
The greatest blood donor

I’m full of gratitude
To the greatest altitude
How do I repay this?
For you brought me great peace.

My blood will not only transfuse
But also heal and cure all illness
In the marrow and all systems

Who are you oh donor?
This is great honor
Greater than imagined
For I would have died

I made it possible
My love for you is unique
My life and blood I give to you
What shall you give in return?

Written by: Oluwa Olamiposi Omoyele

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