Life is short, life is short
Life is a battle to be fought
Good life is always, by many, sought
Happiness and satisfaction, in life, can’t be bought

Start to live a good life today
Keep your bad ways at bay
Come back to the right path as you have gone astray
Never again should you, from peace-seeking, stray

It pays to be good
Live a life that considers your friend’s mood
See yourself as being special and be a dude
Be, in all ways, shrewd

Lead a meaningful life
Marry a good wife
Avoid playing the knife
In every way, abstain from strife

Have a simple and peaceful lifestyle
Be gentle, cooperative and friendly – go the extra-mile
Do not, your time, while
Don’t you believe you can fly?

Live a purposeful life
Let hardwork be your wife
Strive! Don’t give your neck to misfortune’s knife
Again I say, short is life.

Written by: Akinrinola Barnabas

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