Folks from the forest in the desert – Sambisa!
rovers with tortuous trails in white sands – Sambisa!
Terrible like the great Leviathan – Sambisa!
As fog have blinded the villagers – Sambisa!

Sambisa reaches unto Central Africa
So we heard
Sambisa traipses the heat of Somalia
She is in the heart of Kenya

Sambisa is Nigeria’s nightmare, mercurial, octopoid
The spectre that haunts the big, black void
How fortuitous, tell me brother?
How Sambisa lights on us with such a great number

Stealthy, a snake, coming like a drive of locust
To lick up the green amongst us each day
for music made by metals
compelled corporeal to contort in Dans Macabre

vehicles, rifles…
as trademarks
in their wake
left us tumuli, tumult, wail

Written by: Opeyemi Joe

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