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Who are we?

Are we not the butchered future
Awaiting the escort of wooden coffins
To a land where the dust fondles our carcass?
Are we not the broken vase
that yet covers the shame of a wilted rose?
Are we not the scorching sun that sets
when chirping birds long for early warmth?

Are we not the cadence of an elusive mirage stealing away
past every living Homo Sapien, leaving on the sand of time
Faded footprints fabricated for fabled facade?
Are we not the sober lyrics of the naysion-al anthem?
Are we not a FALSE tongue
preaching truth in the market of hearts?
Are we not the banished freedom, the one that walks aimlessly
Into forgotten memories,revealing the terrains of tinted catacombs?

Are we not the poets with a broken rhymes
The message running in a marred vein
The moonlight shedding dreams of moontime tales?

Who are we?

Are we the posterity that our long gone fathers foretold?
Or the looming rain that the weary clouds shall fall?
Are we not the timeless rhythm of a sonorous song?
Are we the symbol of discord or the scent of war?
Are we the rumor spread across bare lands?
Are we the echoes from a forsaken jungle
Or the sound of silence that plays across
The minds of our decayed dream?

Are we the promise that knows no fulfillment
Or the words of pleasure tainted with lies?
Are we not the jester that dances at scorn and adulation
Amidst a perverted village council…..?
Are we the kiss that chases dreams away
Or the reason why they are lost?

Are we the remnant from war
The war whose record dare not breach the pages of history
Because inks refuses to flow
Are we the emblem of truth
Or the flag raised on war grounds?

Who are we?

Written by: Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau and Ayomide Festus
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
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