MANY REASONS TO LOVE [Many Reasons To Love] [Many Reasons To Love]

I love the fisherman
With his boat and net and patience
He has ransacked the seas
And brought home fish and crab
To chase the stranger in my stomach away

I love the blacksmith
He has gone through fire
To mint me guns and swords and shields
So that the enemies of my country
Shall see me and flee

I love the teacher
With the price of the chalk
He has bought me sense
At folly’s expense
And now I am wise

I love the soldier
He whips me to his whims
Points my attention to his gun
Flexes his broad chest
And says to shoot me if I don’t love him

And I love the poet
Because he has taught me
To love the first three for love
To love a soldier for fear
And to love a poet for he is a poet


Written by: Nick Nazz Obodokasi Agbor
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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