Akonna Daughter of Aluku
Will you love me as I do you?

You are a hive of pleasure
Lock’d in the spire of the world’s wonders
Emitting a ten-fold measure
Of beauteous lights like lightening of thunders

Destroyer of Original sin serpent
Whose tongue caus’d Eden’s first man flee
His den and now a recipient
Of toil, sweat and chide and fee
Akonna chaste descent of Aluku
Breed of fire-flies and honey dew
Huntress of lions and other fear’d few
Will you love me as I do you?

I am but a filthy drummer
My black palms were sweet sounds from forth
Without me castle songs are naught
And Sweet tunes wait ears of my lover

Akonna fleet foot descent of Aluku
Dance to my new found virgin tunes
Make your forest lovers memo ruins
Forsake those green lushes, my heart’s of better hue

Written by: Nick Nazz Obodokasi Agbor

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