A Beggar's Prayer http://www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [A Beggar’s Prayer] Dear God, this morning I crawl out into the cold
I pray thee, oh Lord that men will see me old, not bold.

Make my day memorable, as good as blissful
Help me that my catch be huge and successful

Touch men to look upon me in pity and not my filthiness
That they will show me love and greatness

In you I believe, that this day I shall be seen worthy,
To take any alms before the doors of low and mighty

Make me to be faithful in my act of wanting
To be truthful also and just in the form of begging

Teach me to be contended in anything I taste,
To keep even the little grains, and never gather waste

Help me to share with my brothers and shoot me off greed
To do things together and help also those in need


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