For him who came into this wicked world first
To greet the people and to breathe the air with dust
His cry was loud that I could hear it in the womb
Since we were two, they expected me soon.

For him whose outfits was always the same as mine
Posing we had nice shots with wonderful smiles
A very cheerful world was ours in childhood
That everyone knew us in our neighbourhood.

For him who would not let anyone beat me
Not peers and not even those we saw as enemies
Together we’ll sneak out thru’ the gate to play
But not anymore, not even today.

For him who left this cruel earth very early
Sickness came and he started to fall ill
His heart grew weak that he couldn’t hold on any longer
It was a great lost especially for my mother.

For him whom death seems to have snatched
To him alone I was better attached
Though young, I wept and most time became very quiet
They even told me I refused every diet.

For him I know not what else to say
But I wished I was able to prolong his stay
I hope to find someone such friendly and brotherly
To save me from this boredom of been lonely.

For him whom the Lord has given heavenly duties
Where worship and praises never cease
We’ll talk better when we meet
Then I’ll tell you about all you’ve missed.

Written by: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe Rykardo

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