As Dirt In The Slums [As Dirt In The Slums]

Life is worthless, valueless
Cheap as dirt in the slums
Trampled underfoot each day
Crushed, wasted and pulverized
By the evil hands
Of greedy and callous souls
In a mad rush for wealth
Or to foist some diabolic credos
From their evil schemes
Each day
Death strides, through angry nozzles
Or spring with deft agility
From taut strings
Or sometimes, pound mortals
With shrapnel-laden booms

…and then…

Mangled or chopped
Slit or strangled
Charred or stabbed
Pop daily
On streets or float on water
Or lie crooked
Like half roasted beast
Abandoned in the cold ashes
Of ravaged homesteads

Written by: Joshua Mobi Ehud
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
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