Our dreams painted around walls
Our souls, in kingdom of darkness we fall
Our fake smiles die
Our lips re-painted with lies
In an empty pit we drown
For our stories unknown,
Our lives been complicated
As for our knowledge implicated,

For our thoughts roar
Our dreams in piles like towers
Our feet cradle as crawling child
No destination, as lips lied
Hope alive and half dead
The encounter of truth in the future
The caskets of holy culture

Our lives in plain drain of brain-wash
Where thence we growth? If thou rushThe pledge of my nation
The sacrifice of my intention
Come on the diverging road
Here, dreams and hope fold
The lying lips sent on exile
Dear enemies pegged on low high
Peace breeds within
Harmony stay within
Unionism lives intact
Truth and patriotism I’ll contact
Rest here dreams, in my heart

There is a tune of prestige
For mind to remember
In the long walk of poetry
Our walk through artistry
With raining words
To complete mission
A humble heart full of passion
Our lives
Our dreams
Our pains

Written by: RasBrida Mosala and Victor Oinu

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