I have been to that place
Where nothing else but grace
Keeps the heart from going astray;
Where the roads change even if you pray!

Then you wonder why, despite your faith,
Your hope’s in desperate, swaddling swathe!

Tears of intercession blind your eyes
And you ask Heaven so many whys.
Barefoot you trek for many miles;
Craving water, you can’t afford a smile!

Then those you think are friends
Show themselves to be true fiends!

Like Caesar, you’re embraced with many stabs
And you wish your head on executioner’s slab
Then you live for today while tomorrow waits
With withered willows from Yesterday’s Straits!

You see, this is where I hate to be
But then, it brings out the true me.

Written by: Jonathan Ezeanochie
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri SamsonnyPoet

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