Understand the perpetual anti-graft preachers?
Preaching publicly against the fee fraudsters
Sounding like they live the life of the heavenly
But in hiding they loot a nation’s treasury

Around the cross, the pulpit and the pew comprehend
Betwixt the crescent and the star, the Imam cannot pretend
Across strata of our entity the message we all propagate
“Abhors the tenets of fraud”: We, in actual practice, negate

When a preacher preaches and fails to adhere
Should the follower in his bid be more sincere?

Written by: Anthony Ogidi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
#WRRPoetry #God #Religion #Church
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  1. The followers are the only ones left to make the leaders change or remove them.when evil is nt checked,it thrives



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