I Will Be Back After The War

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Aduke, don’t cry!

I am strong enough
to fight life
with the claws of my pen

This war claimed Awo’s breath
and dug him six feet beneath
stole Azik’s motion, turned him
into a withered tree

This war is challenging, Aduke
But shall I sit to watch
posterity’s dreams washed
down memory lane?

Aduke, remember this war
took your father Madiba’s life
after muting the great man
in a room without a bulb

your brother Iyayi died too

Dont cry! Aduke,
this war might not look hopeful
but shall I watch thieves
loot our market place forever?

Remember, brother Wole
and greater men like Shittu
are on the battle field
they wax old in time
they need my wrist, grip and fist

Aduke, time is a poison
of gunpowder
A weapon for the wise-
my weapon

Dont kill my faith
this fight was my fate

Aduke, they chased our
kids into the mud
in the name of aid
they slaughtered young hopes
with a knife of lies-
Let them die too
by my dagger of words

Aduke, this is a fight until victory
Let me go now
I will be back after the war

Written by: Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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