the sonorous tenor called.
‘I’m in love with a preacher,’
Mother’s grinding stopped!
‘Is there no one richer?’

‘I’m in love with another,
he’s neither a preacher nor a teacher’,
‘omo daadaa, you have my blessings
God be in your dealings!’

‘my back aches, my legs swell,
Its the nine month course.’
‘Registered? All will be well,
your cross is my cause!’

‘he doesnt come home,
I cant take this,’ I lied.
‘Come home!’
mother replied.

‘he has taken another wife
am left with the children,’
‘you don’t own another life,
come back to your kindred.’

‘these girls are like their father
Ah! That bastard!’
‘He shall suffer,
for making these ones retards.’

‘that noise,
who’s leaving and where to?’
‘That voice,
your son’s wife and who?’

‘begging her to stay?’
Should her mother say nay
what shall you say?
I wasnt asked to stay!

‘am weak, my body is sick,’
like a tick,
‘you have left me lifeless,
homeless and husbandless!’

Son’s wife can’t leave,
but I was made to leave…
This chaos, your cause,
this smell, a curse!

Written by: Missyblissy Omo Akin

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