Ode To A Loving Mum

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How I wish I could see you
Why didn’t you wait a little?
You dropped me on earth and left
You dropped me without telling me your name
Right at that hour that I came out of you
You went to meet God immediately
Only stories from papa I hear daily
Makes me moody, weak and weary
Who can be compared to you, deary?
You gave birth to a motherless baby
Mama why! Mama!! Mama!!!

Now I miss you so much
You never lived to enjoy your labour
Questions Papa couldn’t answer
You weren’t around to answer
Better to live and let me leave
Than to leave and let me live
What is life without the giver?
Now that I’m grown up
I imagine what you are like
And conclude you’re an angel.

Written by: Michael Inioluwa Oladele

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