When Hope Takes A Flight

http://www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [When Hope Takes Flight]

p against life currents,
Strife and great torrents.
We drop faith and hopefulness,
For grouse and vengefull-ness.

We question, we curse, we pant,
Holding unto grief and daily rants,
Yet Cactus a desert plant,
Keeps succulent stem on arid land

Where is hope that instance,
When hearts melt in despair,
With joy at a safe distance
and love turn a great mirage?

Fear not!

Lift your eyes for the little signs-
The stars that light the darkest nights;
Sunset and the rising sun;
The rain and the reasons’ turn.

There is hope in every smile;
In birth and the baby’s cry;
Morning and the blossomed plants
Hope comes to the faithful heart!

Written by: Modestus Nkem Okennwa
#WRRPoetry #Hope #Life
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