Rape On Valentine's Day

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There was a shout of tears
down the street
under the street where love perched…
There was regret and gloom
abject shaking of head
souls dying in their shells
and there was rape…

under the glare of love
that emanate from deceit
joy turns sour…
The party was blissful
red wine and alcohol
holding of hands, a ballet
the softness of the lips was felt
they were entangled
in a union of doom
caressing the fake beauty
and then came rape…

It was ugly
but they were willing to
have a taste of the apple
they want to tear the innocence
and toy with the beauty
their hearts raced and flew
their senses were dead
and they held hands
under prim darkness
kissing their way to false eternity
and there was rape…

Rape on Saint Valentine’s day
a day of love…
She was not forced
She was not drunk
She only wanted a taste
of the forbidden fruit
and He…
He was shy at first
He only wanted to play on her
and her innocence
with the red wine
under the blue light
He raped her future!

Written by: Adedayo Michael

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