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    Do you want to learn poetry the fun way? Click here to join the Words Rhymes & Rhythm Poetry College.

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Our day with destiny draws nigh
The day spirits will be high and eyes won’t lie
When we’ll sit dine and ride on cloud nine
Feasting on the poetry
That made our hearts beat as one

Our date with destiny draws nigh
When we break the digital frames
That brought us close yet still too far apart
United in love under our Umbrella
Words Rhymes and Rhythms

Playing our beautiful tune, fancy names, hiding beautiful faces
Charming names, covering handsome faces
But all will be bare on that day
When I see you and you see me
On that day, our date with destiny

I see a day approaching fast
Sit connected; make sure you don’t be last
It comes and don’t stop to ask where
Don’t you complain, please beware

On that day Facebook will lose grips
Faces will smile to faces, lips will greet lips
Hands will shake hands, chests hug breasts
In that room we sit as family, no guests
There will be no need for emoticons
By the flow of our inks we verse WRR poetry lexicons

Noleen will no longer pray for her screen kids
No poem to edit and this man can rest; KIS

Wine, Food, Words, Music, dance, hugs, teases, kisses
Poetry, Stories, Books, Anthologies, Animal slaughter
I know, I know Moses Opara’s lips will water
When the aroma walks into the banquet hall
Eventually, when there is no more of the day
We shall hang our memories on WRR facebook wall
Straight to the airport, no goodbye tears… just go your way

I see this day and it comes fast. Stay tuned, don’t be last
Don’t say I didn’t tell you, please beware!

Written by: Oppong Clifford Benjamin and Zanele Tyutula

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