When Love Is Lovely

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When love is lovely
I soar through the air and wade through seas
Knowing not sorrow nor pain

I cry as baby, wagging tail like dog
I swim through, graceful as a fish
Bearing every trouble with joy

I fly through muddy rivers
I know sorrow as sweetened water
And pain as seasonal friend

Even lies I embrace
And pain eases my verves
By faith I declare each tomorrow: ‘I own it!’

Only I know where the shoe pinches
And place the world on the same page
This mixed reactions of feeling and emotion!

I’ve just known what love is
It could only be you, and many lies
Making those feelings feel important

Struggle to pay the price
Gain the prize and
Go home with the pride!

When love is lovely
Only you know you. Dear, for love
Just you, only you, feel the pain!


Written by: Folorunsho Kolawole
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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