Fair Matilda
formed out
of the morning sun

This beauty caused rivalry
between pantheons
and fingers

Her frown is more
beautiful than the smile
of Aphrodite and Venus

Is it possible for
a butterfly to ignore
a flowering honeysuckle?

Mustaches from
East, North, West, South
came with their baits…III
Grey hairs
the scholars of life
taught her infant heart wisdom

She trod
the dark path;

where her body
put off the wild fire
of lust

between the thighs of –
her multitude lovers

The mouth
still forming inside her
like yolkless egg in an eggshell

was purged away from her womb
This was done by a fake stethoscope…

The red thick liquid flowed
till it formed a pool…

So she dimmed
at her peak
when her youthhood was ripe

resting her head
in the womb
of the earth

Written by: Dumejes Momalife
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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