Holding your finger I learnt to walk
Imitating your speech I learnt to talk
Whenever I was down you gave me mirth
On your shoulder I felt on top of the earth

I’ve fallen again, like dead leaf on the ground
You were my superhero, I need you around!

Whenever my body temperature did rise
Pain would cause tears in your eyes
You hid your agony to make me smile
What an actor you were! So full of guile!

I’m hurt again, are you watching from above?
Where are you my superhero? I need your love!

No school could teach the lessons you gave
How to fall and rise and how to be brave
You taught me to be a human and live for others
How to be kind and respectful to my mother

Do you see? I am sinking in the seas of pain!
Come, my superhero, I need your lessons again!

I grew up watching the affection in your eyes
I never knew I would witness your demise
I wanted you to watch me fulfilling your dreams
But you left for heaven…that day remains grim

It was I who laid you down on the pyre-bed
Where are you my superhero, my dear dad!?

Written by: Santosh Kumar
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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