How well can I sing
When there’s no strength to birth
The pendulum has ceased to swing
An ivory tower has been broken!

I heard a baby’s cry, like Moses in a manger!
I saw blood flowing like a waterfall from this river bank
I can see, I can see! Giant wickedness, sorrow and pain
Barricading what has been called blessed

I have seen young trees cut off before their day
The wit of the old, the foolishness of the day
Good seeds were left to rot and wither away

How can I sing my fairytale song
When the feared become the embraced
Vices are now the best fact

And when you ask, what did I see?
I fear to say the truth too!
Should I bless or curse the days of my birth

What I see are stars and a promising day
But I bear no strength to sing the song!

Written by: Folorunsho Kolawole
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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