We need a Maradona
A player with defensive tackle
Not one with over-polluted fresh air
We need a Maradona
Who will score for us a goal
Not one of disorientated exaggerations

We need a Maradona
A player that dribble without tribalism
Not one that red cards unity
We need a Maradona
A decisive player
To pass on solutions not pollution

We need a Maradona
Not a Karateka with a Katana
An idealogical probe
Leading a full team of 36 players

We Need a Maradona
Not of a Snake, nor a wolf
Offering with sheep handshake
For 20 15 wafts close
…Like barbecue sauce

We need Maradona
Whose strike won’t miss insecurity
Dribbling corruption with one move
One that will leave a footprint of unity
In our rocky field…

We need not the best player
But the worst in best form

Written by: Williams Danagogo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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  1. he is one of his kind.



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