I cry, I cry for my youth
Fools they are and have so remained
Ill-treated, disappointed, failed, abused and brainwashed
Yet have they not taken the bull by the horn

You’ve slept for long, felt relaxed
On the thorns before the rose
On the smells from the rottenness of human insanity and greed
On the sweetness of unnecessary hardship
Fools you have remained

Arise from your slumber, lazy bones!
Refuse to take milk that bring maggots

Arise now, oh merciless souls
Pity yourselves and the unborn
Kill the serpents and bury their heads
So your virgin hearts are no longer wet with venoms of deceits
And unfulfilled promises of gold

Arise now you lazy vessels
For the bowl you abode in is soured
Time is here for your three-fold strength
Your head, tongue and might
To fight and hold its stand
For the right to live a life of satisfaction

Written by: Eziudo Nwachukwu

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