Strength Of A Woman, Tears Of A Boy [Strength Of A Woman, Tears Of A Boy]

It all started a few years back…

The lord of the house enjoyed each smack
She… the bruised reed
Her tears… each drop
Made me the crippled war steed

It’s one thing to be strong,
And yet another thing in front of fear
Insult stills the tongue
She fights a battle she can’t fight
She cries tears rivers can’t match
Tears in the secret
Buoyant smiles in the open

She stoops to conquer and cater for her kids
A mother hen protecting her brood
Smiling for them
But in secret
She nurses wounds and tears

She is carrying the entire family on her back
A beast of burden?

The Lord of the house? Umph!
Thinking spending alone will build a child…
Every father’s thought routine
How wrong…..

I have a precious rose.. My mother
She’s there when I shudder
When situations arise and I stutter
Rocking me on weary laps, to and fro
While constantly whispering…

“My son, do not fear…
Even through pain and shame…
Thorns and burns, abundance and lack…
I remain your mother”

Written by: Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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