Once upon a time, there lived a doctor
In a small community
Yes, a doctor in her simplicity
A mother to all – doctor always to the call

Alas! She is late!
Not in body nor soul, but in dreams
She was the bright star shining in the sky

Alas! The star was plucked down
By men who explored her life
With soothing words, they made her comply
Destroyers of hearts and dreams!

Where is her dream, herself?
Career once cradled with love is thrown in a pit
Unripe, she was laid to bed
And now, she cradles a child – her blood

She was my doctor, my mother, my friend

*In remembrance of a very good friend of mine when in junior school, she was determined to become a doctor. We all saw it in her, in the willingness of her to caring for the injured, not only taking charge, but with soothing words. She even saw to my injury when a nail cut my leg.
But in SSS1, she got pregnant. She stopped schooling and forgot her dream of becoming a doctor….

Written by: Adenugba Temitope Theresa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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