He looked so scary
Our heart all jumped up
Silence fell upon the room
I could see the faces – dried
Everybody would fight for survival
They looked so serious, not expecting him
Could I also have joined the fight for survival like they did?
Why did he come in then?!

My heart kept beating
I wanted to smile
After all I would move to the next level
But I couldn’t
Questions jumped to my mouth
Could I become the candle in the dark?
Would I be the candle in the wind
Summarily blown off?
Would my sun shine at night?

He put red-pepper in my eyes
And my anger bust out. Finally, I joined
I must defend myself, fight for survival
We make it tooth for tooth, an eye for an eye
What if it turns out to be salt in my wound?

How could I have done such a thing?
I wasn’t obsequious to my master
I couldn’t be the candle in the dark
Neither would my sun shine at night
The salt to flavour splashed on my wound
I failed the test that life presented to me

Written by: Adetoro Ezekiel
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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