You have not felt the pangs of hopeless hunger
You cannot understand the language of lack
When every meal is a product of sweat
And every morsel is savoured with a smile
When you embody all that I’m not
And hold lightly all that I want
How then can I love you?

When I stand close by
My deficiencies stand out, plain
This love I learned before I set foot in your home
I have slowly unlearned
The ties and bonds have weakened
Soaked in fears and insecurities
This attempt seems doomed from the start

Yet, who said love has to be about compatibility
And that to stay in love we must be similar
For when you smile
Starry galaxies are conjured in my head

Your body quivers beneath my fingertips
Each frown that bends your brows lands a punch in my heart
So, I take a leap, for love, for faith, for forever
I drown these fears in the ocean of timeless love….

Written by: Chikatito Jones
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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