Some lights have made the world a paradise
Some angels have also made the world a bliss
Some flowers have made our heart an embellishment
Some ladies are justly call’d Love’s nourishment

Some insects have beautified our sight
Some mountains are hearty our delight
Some foods are deliciously very awesome
Some Love plays are perfectly floric-some

Some music make us souly and fine
Sometimes we’re inspired to dine and wine
Some days are just too wonderful to keep
Some love lives are too fantastic to dream

Some romantic scenes are just splendid, heavenly
Some families’ reunions are sweet –all parting happily
Some laughter is tasty like milk of Hilarity
Some kisses are for real serendipity

Some smiles are lights in the bight of Love
Some blithes are bright in the sight of doves
Some shy’d when right in the sigh of grace
The grace from swains are found in embrace

Some girls are epitome in the name of devotion
Some are flowers in the spirituality of affection
Some are Solomon’s description in the Song of Songs
Some are just too angelic with wings so long.

Written by: Samuel Leumas
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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