“Your eyes twinkles
Your hair scents
You are my earth
You are my moon
You are my sun”

He will say again
“I have found my missing ribs
In sunshine and shade
I will love you”

Then she succumbs to his lies
He settles like a bee on the fragrant pistils of a flower
Sipping on the nectar
Till he woos her into wedlock
“Yes I do,” she happily answers

Little by little
He stops loving her
Little by little
He stops caressing her cheeks
Little by little
The chemistry dies

“I toil day and night, he boasts
You just sit licking the oil
I do not just need a child bearer
Nor a kitchen administrator”

O’ callous man!
Was she not once your earth?
Your sun and your moon!
How is she now an eclipse?

He dumps her
Like orange sucked dry
She couldn’t bribe him to love her again

In a total solitude
She raises her head and brings it down
Trying to crack the riddle

She cries to heaven
“He is a broken reed
He is a broken reed
And I will pay the price
Of loving the man
I got carried away by his words”

Written by: Omotayo Onimisi Omodaiye
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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