The fire burning inside
A hurricane of words
Shrieking with the force of a storm
Sweeps through the misty fog of my restless mind
Leaving words reeking of immortality
Scattered across every line

Be warned!
Each time you seek to hear me speak
Transform your minds
Into the wick of a hurricane lamp
Safe and protected
Lest the whirl wind of my thoughts
Extinguish the feeble flames
Of your myopic minds

Even in the coldest winter
When words travel incognito
These pages still scream for breath
Each time my thoughts tread across their flesh
If words could take on the shape of men
My lineage would be traced to the oldest of royal realms

Pages I have travelled
Poets have dreamt to tread
Where they faltered and trembled
I made them words, rattled and humble
For lions do not make pacts with men!

Written by: Ken Bena
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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