Verses, Hearses And A Worlds That's Passing [Verses, Hearses And A Worlds That’s Passing]

When I heard about Michael Jackson
Depressed me
Whitney Houston hit notes like a blessing
I looked at stars sing hymns
Then hearses of theirs sadly eclipsing their verses,
A good day came when their Death came calling
As heaven and hell closer came hugging,

Meditating on life got me cold chills
Too tight, a track too thin to walk in
Everything looks cold
Even the days I write on paper with a lamp burning,
Would my name be in that book
Or would I have to burn? I think
Stop it!
Weary dreamer with many a failed dream
Nightmares, turning, snoring
Finally woke up, slipped on something
Saw a ghost in his room, nerved him
Screamed, so high, like a siren

Looking back in his mirror clearly,
Back at the devil peering
How did he become this ugly?

Wrinkles like bad dimples in his flesh
He looking at the stud in his ear
Ah! Ain’t that (f)earrings?


You shouldn’t be writing this
Shut up!
Honey, you are frightening me
Shut up!
You’re no more the man I married
You changed suddenly
Shut up!
I can hear a trumpet; I’ll like to see
Shut up!
The rapture is happening; people are being taken up
Shut up!
I love you babe, I’m levitating,
Just shut up!

All is silent, dark
He looks for a torch,
It won’t work,
He screams madly
Shut on…

Trying to follow every thought that I draw on
Trying to understand all that’s around us
But everything knows a mind enlightened
Twice more burdened

As you’re try to grab these loosened verses
Time’s passing
Your life like a clock ticks
More hearses
New verses are written
Choirs rehearsing
Questioning our lives
God, philosophy, our gifts, callings, eternity

We, these artists of vanity
Exhausting our destinies
As time never stops
Like a banker
It keeps counting

Written by: Taiwo Luke Oladamola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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  1. Very good.



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