From the day I was born
Vanity it is called
Same till the day I will go
Upon my life is the day of unknown
The unwelcome visitor

Are you ready?
To drink the cup filled with bitterness?
Ready or not, rich or poor
Healthy or sick, great or small
You shall bath in the water
And drink the empty cup of life

Oh! What a world of vanity!
Oh! It is vanity
Embracing mortal things

My ears are deaf to the instruments
But the trumpet shall sound
I enjoy the world I live
Considering not what comes when I leave

Oh! See the crack!
Upon the unshaken wall!
What remains in it?
What glory?
On that day, it shall fall.

Glory remains in the glorified
Life remains in the lifeless
Like corns on the field
Picked by bird
Life remains meaningless

We are still on the race
Ready to win the marathon
But thorns are on our way
The thorns of the wicked and of Time

Assuming it is time
And the breath is taking away
Will I inherit The Kingdom?

Written by: Adenugba Temitope Theresa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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