Our pattern
Our culture
Our way of life

Oh! What a shame,
We lose our preened fame
To the pleasure of foreigners
Are we not proud of it?
Or we abjure in it no more

Where are our native dresses?
Dànsikì, Iro and buba…
Where are our native foods?
Ogbono, Banga and Onugbo…
Where went our music…
Kalangu, gurmi and kuntigi

I feel so glum
when boys greet their parents
with handshakes!
And girsl salute
With a wave of fingers
Like a withered branch

They’re pretty
when girls plait their kojùsokò hair style,
They’re handsome
when boys get their skin –cut
They’re blessed
When boys and girls are decent

Come back home
and show our way of life
our languages and cherish it.

Written by: Ogunwole Abdulazeez Olanshile Distinctwriter
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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