Haram men have fouled the day
They have turned a laughing day
Into a whimpering day

They have hurled horror
That crashed many lives
Throwing many out of the earth

Their minds are menaced
Their reasons programmed
And packaged for terror

“We don’t want the books of the West
Our book must be the first
And last in the North!”

Fighting for Faith
With fiendish hate
And beastly rage

Undeflowered damsels will be the reward
Kill and kill to get the award
Endless bliss is the blessing from their lord

So kill and kill the infidel
Rush and rush them to hell
This faith you must sell

Who will save us from these monsters
Who boasts of several slaughters
Hiding from the fury of our fighters?

Our fighters are poised for fight
But our monsters are like burglars in the night
Cowardly, trembling, afraid to confront

They dash to kill
Then leap into hideout
And trumpet a victory


Who can save us from these terrors?
Save God and God and God?
Say, save God and God and God

Written by: Stephen Adinoyi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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