One look at him
I knew he wasn’t in love
Still I searched for reasons above
Because, to his heart, I wanted in

All he wanted was company
He was such a hypocrite
Yet my love for him so great
And had eyes for him only

Always did I make him smile
Even when it brought me discomfort
I’d still go on pushing forth
But he was just a sly guy

Until he took my worth
For granted, left me paralysed
Only then did I realise
How much called for was my wrath

Used to wish time could go back
Now I’m turning my back to the things I used to love
But this time, never searching for reasons above
Reasons above to come back

Never will I love like I did
Because my heart cannot be in one piece
A heart which was once at peace
Is now broken, because of one man’s deed!

Written by: Esther Pearllie Orji
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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