Where Has Donmei Gone

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Where has Domnei gone?
It’s been quite some centuries, Domnei.
Please show your face.

Noble and chivalrous,
Secret but passionate
was once the expression of love.

Trysts in secret escalated mentally
and were morally elevating.
But since we last saw Domnei
It’s been more physical
nothing more than free time to explore
and occupy positions of the spring palace

Where are those times
When passion was akin to opium?
Yes, where are those times
When romance had a sense of art?

Now, the passion for love
has been reduced
to mere desire for coitus.

I heard of a time,
when an embrace was rich in promise
promise of dependence
It bestowed courage
and from it strength was drawn
When a kiss used to be an exultant message
of the longing of love
love eternally young
the burning prayer of hot desire
which is born on the lovers’ lips
and rises up to the blue sky
from the green plains
like a tender, trembling thank-offering

It goes as far as the kiss
and the embrace
and the modest contact
with the nude lover,
omitting the final solace.

For that is not permitted for those…
who wish to love purely…
This is mixed love,
which gets it effect
from every delight of the flesh
and culminates in the final act of Venus.

It is pure love
which binds together the hearts of two lovers
with every feeling of delight.

Written by: Justice Gift Jite-Eda
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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