How do I build a bridge between two shores?
When I can’t even sync the rhythm of two hearts!
The air that I breathe is in the cage of remorse
Every second my heart breaks into million parts.

How could I melt the carats into a ring?
When I can’t even melt the rage of my love!
The one who brings me peace and blessing
When there is war amongst the stars above.

How could I unite the diverse world in peace?
When the diversity between me and my soul mate brings
The silence on her lips doesn’t let me be at ease
I eagerly wait for her smile to spread the light.

Written by: Santosh Kumar

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  1. oribim briggs

     /  September 25, 2013

    um i think it’s more hardwork to sync two hearts than to bridge two shores,the former being conceivable because of it’s physical structural build.



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