My other self knows
the intimately .
In dreams so vivid
and in eyes so bright.
In tempers flare
My other self wishes…

The mix-grill in me enthrals even me
A dove with eagle’s strength
A lion clad in a lamb’s apparel

I am a termite living like a hermit
in draught and famine
I survive all landmines
Enroute building an empire
That will resist any fire!

For the love of me
I won’t spare my knees
From seeking this bliss
On the bank wherein
Agape thrives with glee
Just to make you see
That we all need to be free
To be as expressive as we can be

And when tomorrow is come
I know not this skin I now live
When memories sneak in anew
Leaving me to sniff that familiar scent
That will trail me back to your steps
Searching for my other self
Who can’t be without you!

Written by: Pheonah Okori and Jon’manuels Enekele
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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