Insatiable Are Desires [Insatiable Are Desires]

Satisfactions, all in his obsessions
If all desires are not granted as wished
Man keeps to street, unkempt and disgruntled
Forgetting patience does it all
But nothing bad comes from patience
Nobody complains without being granted
Wish! Your God will do it in haste…

Demanded so much blessings
Like him that wants chieftaincy from heaven
Accepted fate not, when not given
Just as if all should be in his haven
Cried for desires, wants, and prayed all night
Soaked in mundane affairs like blanket in the river

If all desires are met
Of what benefit is prayer?
If all stones are turned by mere looking
Man needs no hand
If all prayers are answered
What function brings it?
The car he longed for is what killed him!

Joy as he wants.
Blessings as he demands,
Fortune as he prays for
Though all be given
Man must still demand
Insatiable, are his desires

Written by: Yusuff Olayode Layus
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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