And I Wrote This For You [And I Wrote This For You]

In the beginning was the word,
Now are these words:
…weep not…

Men know themselves when not ripe,
And you come; and they deposit you inside a bin,
…weep not…

Nations love war; war loves not nations,
And you starve; and you die,
…weep not…

That fund for your vaccine was siphoned off,
And polio is here; and who is bothered?
…weep not…

Edifices that touch heaven, we erect them,
And you learn on bare floor; and no books too,
…weep not…

At eight that man raped her,
And he walks freely; and it perturbs none,
…weep not…

I saw him on the road; I saw his goods on his head,
And the truck came; and he went,
…weep not…

Didn’t you see madam ferry her to that far land?
And she is thirteen; and madam has them younger,
…weep not…

Long and dark a tunnel may be, be sure:
Illumination exists at its end,
…weep not…

Written by: Ikwuagwu Osita Victor
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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