Sparkling with radiance, gracing the morn
Men, come of age, came scouting at dawn
Whilst the wise rose got woven in blissful wedlock
The haughty, out of folly, dared no man to pluck

When comes a new day, it fades with the moon
Its radiance and beauty vanishing too soon
With each day that dawns, new roses are born
And the wilted of yesterdays no longer adorn

As it is with nature, time waits for none
Sunset don’t leave behind the light of the sun
The rose that lingers will wilt at dusk
And a ripe fruit that tarries will dry with the husk

Beauty is fleeting
Blooming in spring, in winter depleting
Man’s mortal body though cherished as gold
With passing of time will someday grow old

Written by: Emerald Friday Samuel
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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